Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Send Button & Online Preaching

Knopf has published a new book on email and email etiquette entitled Send: The Essential Guide to Email for Office and Home. You may enjoy the review of this book on According to the review, "'Send' may be the most dangerous four-letter word of the 21st century."

This got me to thinking about online education, something that we're exploring in earnest here at Northern Seminary. In a recent faculty discussion, it was noted that homiletics is an example of a topic that may not translate well to an online format. Googling "online preaching course", however, turns up classes at Canyon College, The Anointed Preaching course at Christian Leadership University, and some interesting experiments by our Hare Krishna friends in Skypecast Preaching, among many others. One begins to wonder about the possibility for text-messaged sermons, sermon blogs, or pastoral twittering. Could "send" also become a four-letter word, not only in theological education, but in the e-delivery of God's word?

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