Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Have You Googled Your School Lately?

There is a March 24 New York Times article about Google's new "Search-within-Search" feature. (Thanks to Impact Lab for alerting me to the article and providing the moniker "Search-within-Search".) Both NYT and Impact Lab note why this is a dubious feature for retailers.

It got me wondering, though, whether this feature also applies to libraries. It does not appear to yet, but it looks like it does apply to educational institutions, at least if you have "university" in your name. Google any university, and there is the new Search-within-Search feature allowing Googlers to search your university web site without ever setting mouse within the site itself.

Librarians sometimes feel a bit Google-shy these days given our patrons' preferences for Google over our own databases and online catalogs. Our own online catalog vendor, Ex Libris, has recently announced that they will be building Google's Book Search API into their products. How long before no one ever needs to set mouse within our sites, too?

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