Tuesday, June 24, 2008

ATLA Pre-pre-conference

Beautiful OttawaWhile many of the ATLA staff have been in Ottawa since Sunday working to get everything ready for the conference, I just arrived in Ottawa today. After so many days of horrible travelling weather this spring, I was grateful to have a clear, beautiful day for flying. As a member of the Education Committee, I already had a chance to visit Ottawa last October and practice the elaborate rituals of clearing customs. Everything went smoothly, and I am now ensconced in the Ottawa Westin for the next five nights to enjoy the annual ATLA conference.

Many people have already registered.

This year's conference bag is courtesy of our local host, Université Saint-Paul.

Here is a day-time view of the site of tomorrow's opening reception: the Terrace of the Ottawa Congress Center.

While I will be hard-pressed to give her any substantive competition, I will continue to add my pictures to those taken by ATLA's photographer-extraordinaire, Sara Corkery.

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